UIOLA – user centric IoT

The value of how an IoT solution supports a user in their lives is based exclusively on the user’s experience. To get a measure of that value requires an understanding of their preferences and sensitivities as well as the usage context.

UIOLA measures the value of IoT solutions in the context of daily usage and generates corrective data for improving and fine-tuning them. These are the critical items that need to be measured and managed in order to achieve long- term success:

How high is your value contribution?

What are the most important value drivers, the ones that determine critical revenue flows? Once a customer has signed on and their experience starts. Suddenly ‘value’ is no longer based on the numbers in the contract and on promises: rather, value grows as an impression of how well the solution integrates with me as a person and with my day-to-day life. The big drivers of value can be factors that the user does not fully control e.g. usage context and usage conditions. No subjective value can be measured without considering context and conditions.

How healthy is your interaction chain?

The “interaction chain” is the backbone of the value creation process. It starts with perceptions and actions on the user side. A number of questions will arise. How intuitive are the user interfaces? Do they speak the language of users? How well is the interaction supported by the devices? Does the network supply enough resources for a smooth operation? How good is the fit with third parties that are interlinked in the course of functional operations? Value is created in a flow that passes through all of these elements. The weakest point in this chain will determine the final result.

How does your solution play its role in the user’s life?

Value is not static but rather reveals itself to a user through experience. Experience is perceived as a flow of events across the day. So this brings up some important questions – What function does a solution have in the user’s daily flow of events? Is it supportive and present and is there a personal touch? In the user’s reality, how does the perception change in certain situations, and what does it depend on? UIOLA measures the conditions, under which a solution needs to show a performance via a flow of continuous actions.

You need a learning logic

Listen, learn and adapt. IoT is an ecosystem of applications that form a dynamic network of interaction. This dynamic is a constant challenge for solution providers. It is important to install a system of adaptive KPIs. Future-proof solutions are those solutions that learn. And learning depends on data. See how your performance develops over time and where your improvement measures have worked, but measure how robust this improvement is.

Predict what will happen

User behavior, seen in context and as a result of preferences, can be largely predicted in a near field environment. This is the information you need to pre-configure your service for the next moments to come. But to be meaningful the data must stem from real usage. And prediction must happen in real time to make sense to be applied for action. For service orchestration, it will end up in a series of procedures of simplification and differentiation. But the most important quality of measurement must be to support the final user in making the solution work in the day-to-day life.

Make it your tool in a tool

UIOLA is an application that we run for you in a defined platform environment. It creates measures and KPIs in real time, from a user perspective, considering the various contextual requirements. It benchmarks solutions and applications across the platform and supplies benchmarks and action triggers. It provides customized API integration on different levels or feeds performance dashboards.

Our data storage and distribution is ISO 27001 certified. Data analytics and access management are on the highest professional level SSO capabilities.

Take off with a co-creation venture

Who can be a better expert than the user, the one who actually pays for and uses the application  and who is interested to obtaining extra value? Let UIOLA help you to integrate users in a lab-like co-creation network with a structured approach towards value creation. We will derive the success processes whose effect can be measured. Or even better, why not integrate users into your full business model, make them an active part of your delivery process (which in digital reality they actually are)?

Quality perception across networks

Integrating measures from different devices, sources, channels, to model value perception – ​Please look at the example of a root cause analysis in the telecommunications environment.

Get corrective figures from customers in real time

…and use them

to adjust your services
to individualize your offerings
to find the best price
to orchestrate the most valuable service

IoT is still an infant. Making friends with users will make it big.