Where is the consumer?

Take a look at the ‚ordinary‘ illustration of an IoT architecture and try to find the consumer. There is no. Things connect to things that promise to create value. For whom? Under what conditions? In case you find a living being mentioned, you will find it immediately being chopped into something like ‘the person, the user, the customer, the persona’. Schizophrenic? Kind of. We learn that human beings are also ‘things’, but with the uniqueness that they combine different function levels, and for IT being able to handle this, ‘we’ consumers need to be chopped in such a way. Technically all of this is fine.

Uiola speaks at the QuEST Forum Americas Conference 2017 in Dallas

‘Partnering for Success: Turning Concepts into ICT Solutions’ is the motto of the 2017 Americas Conference of QuEST Forum, the global association for quality in telecommunications. Uiola and Metrinomics will present the concept of ‘Subjective Quality to drive value in IoT’ to the audience of service providers and their suppliers. Main sponsor of the conference is Verizon. In a further session of the conference, Uiola’s sister company Magiola will present the results of a survey on Subjective Quality across the Americas.

The challenge of creating an IoT benchmark

The special challenge in providing IoT services lies in integrating processes on a horizontal level.  A single supplier may only be responsible for one single point on the customer journey, whereas the customer perceived service comes as an integration of elements of diverse suppliers.
To create a benchmark base with QuEST Forum, UIOLA will define a reference customer journey with a structure that all kinds of services can be connected to a sub-area of this ‘IoT General Customer Journey’.