‘What if your fridge synchronizes your buying-list with your supermarket, but not with you?’

‘What if you find out you have bought your washing machine, but now it watches you and records your washing habits? And that it automatically connects with its maker to synchronize your data?’

By 2020 humanity will be surrounded by ‘upwards of 50 Bio devices’ that communicate with some 1 Trio. of sensors. What if in 2022 users will come to the conclusion that they are being the object and not the subject of this technology? What if they call it ‘Big Brother’ one day?

The fact that IoT does not regard the final user – the source of money – as to be the reference for all kinds of key quality measures, poses serious risks to all present and future investments into the IoT based industry.

There is a need for a user based, a Subjective Value standard in IoT for the long term success of it.

UIOLA measures how IoT systems, devices, solutions, products

work for their users and customers.

To ensure that the value it adds is positive, and stays positive