IoT service quality needs to be measured ‘on the spot’. The measure should be a quick and easy feedback, but it requires the active engagement of users (which will come naturally, when made easy). There needs to be a standard of message taken. It will be open text (voice, keyboard…) Knowing the service element, the message is automatically being classified vertically and horizontally and coded for content.

So the precondition for achieving the customer evaluation is the ability of devices (and sensors) to catch up feedback from users. All devices coming to the market will be equipped with passive feedback triggers. All feedback from all devices will be collected by UIOLA, will be automatically read, understood and coded by the UIOLA system. Each device (sensor) will be evaluated in its benchmark environment. The data (enriched) will be handed back to the device manufacturer and -owner by UIOLA.

As an extension to this, UIOLA will be able to connect customer subjective evaluations to technical data from suppliers. Such an analysis would show the impact of each element in an operative context, which decides over usage or non-usage, buying or non-buying, stickiness or slippery.